地球と、地球上のすべてのU(=You / あなた)を

We fill the earth and all U (=You) on the earth

with hope, joy, and comfort,

and make it circulate.

事業内容 / Service

輸入事業 / Import



We find products from around the world that have not yet been released in Japan that express our desire to improve the planet and people's lives, and bring them to our Japanese customers.

We use crowdfunding to give momentum to the products' entry into the Japanese market. After the crowdfunding is completed, the products will be sold wholesale to department stores and mass retailers in Japan as well as to e-commerce malls.

輸出事業 / Export


We deliver unique Japanese products to customers around the world according to their needs. From the viewpoint of environmental protection, we handle not only new products but also used products. We sell a wide variety of product genres, including home appliances, kitchen goods, apparel items, and toys. Over the past two years, we have done over 1,000 transactions and received positive feedback from many customers.

デジタルマーケティング事業 / Digital Marketing


We can lead you to the results you seek more smoothly by providing consistent services ranging from SNS advertising operations to LINE construction and operation utilizing the L-step. We also specialize in marketing utilizing crowdfunding.

サポーター / Our Supporter


As a business consultant for our import business, we have partnered with Mr. Otake.( He is an official partner of various Japanese crowdfunding companies and has produced over 700 crowdfunding projects with sales exceeding 1.8 billion yen.